My Sunshine

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Earlier tonight 
{after getting to Sea World 10 minutes before it closed... what happened to summer already?!} I was thinking in my head that it's a good thing I have plenty of sunshine-y days, because if they were all like today turned out to be, I'd be ready to throw in the towel.  Ugh!

I'm not talking about the weather.  
The sun is almost always shining outside.  
I'm talking about inside my heart.

But then I saw these pictures I took this afternoon, 
and was reminded of what's really important.

Things may not always go my way 
{insert stomping foot and scrunched up nose}
but when life tries to drag me down, 
I turn to these precious little ones 
who always bring my mind back to where it belongs.

Back to a place of gratitude, 
a feeling of peace
and knowing that I am so loved.

These three are my sunshine.

And yes, these cuties are all getting pretty shaggy... 
time to line them up for the Boys Barber Shop 
{me + the buzzers in our bathroom}.

I'm bettin' my bottom dollar that the sun'll come out tomorrow.  
I hope so because we'll be at Sea World {take two}.  

Speaking of sunshine, have you entered the giveaway yet?

I'm linking up here!

Unknown said...

Just thinkin' about tomorrow, clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow!!

Sorry you had a rough day, but those pictures are stunning! I can't believe that's your landscape every day!


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