gallamore west: Summer days should be just. like. this.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer days should be just. like. this.

You know those times when life is just GOOD?  
Like really, really good... 
so good that you want it to stay
just. like. this.

We've had a few of those crazy good days lately.  
Our usual packed calendar is mostly empty these days, 
and we LOVE it 
just. like. this.

It's not that we aren't busy...
We are busy unpacking those straggling boxes, 
figuring out where to hang what and all that fun stuff, 
and having so much family fun along the way.

On Thursday I got the boys ready for "shopping at Ikea" which I thought they'd complain about, but they actually really like Ikea so they were excited about it.  But really, Ikea was just a quick stop on a surprise visit to the boys current favorite place in the whole wide world... The World Famous San Diego Zoo.  

And seriously, it's "World Famous" for good reason.  
We go ALL THE TIME and always find 
something new, 
something different, 
something amazing.  
{On this zoo trip, we were loving the tortoises!}

But the boys were having sooo much fun at Ikea, 
sitting in EVERY single chair, 
touching EVERY single pillow, 
feeling EVERY single curtain panel, 
laying on EVERY single bed,
and trying on EVERY hamper lid as hats! 
{Okay, clearly this picture was taken on a different day... 
but seriously, they do THE SAME THING with the hamper lids every time!}

I finally had to tell them that we needed to go a little quicker because there was a "surprise" after Ikea.  

It took them just 3 guesses... 
A new toy?  
An ice cream?  {not the surprise, but we had one anyway} 
The Zoo?  

And so we were off to the Zoo for the 2nd time this week.  We got there right in time to see a dress rehearsal of the newest show {FINALLY... a new show at the Zoo.  I remember the old one from when I was a kid... seriously, it was practically prehistoric}.

And I KNOW the boys had a fabulous time because I saw this drawing by Sam on their new Ikea easel the next morning.  

I really, really hope we have more days this summer that are


Jen said...

I love that drawing! So cute! :)

The Jenson's said...

We bought that easel too. How funny that we went to Ikea and then the Zoo (i think the day before you)

Katy @ Live Laugh Love Craft said...

One thing I love about having girls is that I know that they won't ever complain about shopping with me! :)

Love the picture that your son drew of the zoo. I don't think it ever gets old seeing the little pictures they draw. :)


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