gallamore west: Luke {8 months}

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Luke {8 months}

Did you miss Luke's 7 month post?  Yeah, me too... whoops!  We were so busy with moving that I'm pretty proud of even taking his 7 month pictures sort of on time, but then I forgot to post them.  Click here if you'd like to read that post {I put it back on the date it should've been posted on... I'm a bit of a Type A girl like that!}

Any who, Lukey Boo is now 8 months old,
a crazier sentence I couldn't have told.
He is so cute and incredibly sweet,
the most peaceful baby you'd ever meet.

Whoa... it's late and I'm getting delirious here or something.

"Seriously Momma, enough with the rhymes... 
it's embarrassing." 

He went swimming for the 1st time recently 
and he loooooves the water.

Luke's hair is always the big topic of conversation... maybe that's because his hair is just so BIG!  He had his 2nd hair cut recently, and now the "kinda curly hair" has turned into full-on CURLS.  It's so cute and funny!  

He jumps in his Jumperoo like a little Energizer Bunny...

  and he loves his Exer-Saucer out by the swimming pool.

  Luke is slowly sitting up more, and he rocks back and forth ready to crawl ALL the time, but he's only moved a bit like that.  He's more of a rolling, scooting machine.  He gets all over the room!  His favorite food {even though I've finally introduced him to fruit} is green beans.  

Seriously, every one should have a baby like Luke.  

But then again, if everyone did have a baby like Luke, they'd all want 10 more.  He is our little angel and we love him to pieces!


Jen said...

Happy 8 months Luke! You and that hair are so stinkin cute!

Jen said...

He is TOO cute! Those 8 month pics are adorable! Those are 3 very handsome boys you have there. ;)

ashley @ little miss momma said...

holy cow, Luke is like the most beautiful baby ever!


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