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Monday, May 2, 2011

The power of being REAL

You know that feeling when you were a kid... 

when you have a band-aid on and you know it's 
gonna hurt when you pull it off so you 
think about it 
and think about it 
and worry about it way too much.
  And when you finally decide to just rip it off real quick and be done with it and it totally feels better afterwards and you wonder why you ever worried sooooo much about a silly old band-aid to begin with? 

That is exactly how I feel.

Except it wasn't a band-aid and I'm not five years old.  It's about how I opened up and told you all my story about having Melanoma while pregnant with Luke.  
Big brothers thought Luke wearing this hat 
was soooo funny...
especially when the hat fell like this.  Their giggling was hilarious, until Luke started crying :(

It was the weirdest, GOOD feeling to share that story.  But the best part about sharing it was reading what so many of YOU wrote back to me.  Here on this blog, on Facebook, and especially in private messages.  I feel so much closer to some of you in such a short amount of time because of things that you shared with me.  It really means so much to me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  
You friends are precious to me.

And look what came in the mail today... 
My Mother's Day gift!  

I can open it early, right?  Because I bought it for myself.  That's a horrible picture... I should have taken it out of the pretty little bag because all you can really see is the picture behind it.  No, I don't have a kid named Max... but that is a good name to go along with our other boys.  Hmm, maybe we should go for Boy #4... nah :)  No silly skin cancer is going to stop me from loving our family theme song,  
You Are My Sunshine. 
Because those three little boys... 
that is exactly what they are.
Here's the big brothers... 
Jake's shorts are on backwards, like usual :)

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Sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by C&C! Your blog is to-die-for cute!! Your family is precious, too.


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