gallamore west: "Oh, that's fancy!"

Friday, May 13, 2011

"Oh, that's fancy!"

We've discovered a fun, new word around here... 


It seems that everything around here is "fancy" lately {according to the boys}.  Like when I pulled out a bikini the other day from my pre-baby body days and threw it on to hop in the bathtub with Luke, Sam got all excited and said,
"Oh Mommy, you look fancy!"  

Believe me, it was anything but fancy so I'll skip posting a picture of THAT :)

And today after a fun morning at the park with friends, we were a hot mess so why not add "sticky" to the scene, right?  Jake opened his cherry Sonic slushie because he drank all the juicy parts so quickly and couldn't get the ice through the straw.  

"Mommy, my hands look sooooo fancy!"

Notice the bare walls in the background?  We're gettin' our MOVE on here, and believe me things are anything but fancy around here :)

1 comment:

JBSquared said...

Fancy is one of our favorite words! It's a Bradshaw staple. It can be a compliment or an insult (as in, "well aren't YOU fancy...") Haha! :)


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