gallamore west: Luke {7 months}

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Luke {7 months}

Time's flying by... I can't believe Luke is closer to one year than he is to being a newborn!  We're in the middle of moving so this post is going up super late, but here's what Luke was up to last month when he was 7 months old.

First, his hair is totally changing!  The darker, more red color is turning into a more strawberry blonde picture AND it's getting curls... so stinkin' cute!  And those gorgeous blue eyes {from Daddy} are still as blue as ever.

He's sitting up, but only for a nano-second and with help.  He's taking his time being a big boy, and I'm fine with that because we just moved and I didn't have to rush in and baby-proof everything... yet!

And he needs his 2nd haircut already... sooo badly!  This boy has some serious HAIR on his head!

"Hi, my name is Luke.  I sit like a frog... 
a shaggy, adorable red-headed baby frog!"  
He's still an amazing sleeper... wahoo!!  He loves his two naps a day, and sleeps a full 12 hours at night! He wakes up happy and gulps down his whole bottle within a couple of minutes each morning.  

His favorite foods are vegetables, but that's because I haven't given him fruits yet :)  Sweet potatoes {pureed in the food processor} and pumpkin are his favorites.  

We love you Lukey Boo!

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