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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jake's Preschool Graduation!

We do really have three little boys, 
but lately everything seems to be about Jake, Jake, Jake!

Last night he graduated preschool {although not really because he just turned 4 and has one more year before Kindergarten} but he doesn't care about those details.  
He loved graduation! 

We took some pictures in our front yard before graduation... Daddy missed the little photo shoot of course because he drives a million miles a day right now and had to meet us at the graduation.

This one was taken by Samuel {he declared yesterday that he would like to go by Samuel now instead of Sam... even raised his hand in class and told his teacher that she's going to have to add "u-e-l" to all of his stuff, you know 12 days before school gets out!}

Jake's been practicing his graduation songs for weeks and he was soooo excited for tonight!  This was his 1st big performance of any kind and oh man, was he cute!  He's a whole year younger than most of the kids in his class, but he did so well up there!

Super blurry and heads in the way... oops!  But look at that happy face!!  His graduation cap looks so silly... oh well, this is a trial run for next year when he's really graduating, right? :)  His new school better have a good graduation ceremony like this school because I could eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Ohhh, how I love that little face!
Yay for the Ocean Room... I LOVE the lei his teachers gave him!

And speaking of teachers, no wonder Jakers loves the Ocean Room so much... look at his pretty teachers!  Congratulations on your {practice for the real thing next year} graduation!  

p.s.  Your momma's going to be tired this morning because she stayed up way too late making these for you and your Ocean Room friends.
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Jen said...

So cute! He looks SO proud of himself. Can you believe the school year is over already? We said goodbye to Miss Judy yesterday and I swear I almost burst into tears! :) That place is going to MISS the Gallamore family, for sure! I'm sure Jake (and his big bro) will do great at their new schools in the fall!


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