What's in Mommy's tummy?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

  Let me tell you, I love babies, but it's NOT one of those.   

I love this picture, not because it is the only picture I got from that horrid JCPenney photo shoot when Jake was tiny and it was my free picture for doing the photo shoot, but because of what my boys think when they look at it. 
{Ignore the flash... I couldn't remember how to turn it off.}

Sam: Jake, see that picture of you?  It's the ONLY picture of you on this wall.  The rest of them are all of me.  {Considering that it's a whole photo collage on the wall and we now have three boys, I have gotten really behind on updating pics around the house... ugh!}

Jake:  Yeah, it's me and I'm a baby and I'm naked!

Sam: Yeah, that's when you were a baby inside Mommy's tummy and you were watching TV in there.  That's why you're naked."

So that's the reason... I've been trying {for 3 days} to get my flat tummy back and it's just not happening.  But that's okay, because clearly it shouldn't be flat because there is a television in there!

Oh, and speaking of that adorable little baby watching TV in my tummy, I'm loving that I'm finding these papers all over the house...  he's learning to write his name!

He's also learning to draw stick figure people, but this one drawn on the carpet isn't really my favorite. 
 Oh Jakers, we love you!! 
The Jenson's said...

That is way to funny. I can use that excuse too! I love what kids say.

Jen said...

Haha! I hope you sent him down some good snacks to go with all his TV watching! ;)


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