Target: My Happy Place

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Today while Sam was at school, I brought my other two boys to my happy place.  
Is this your happy place too?

 I saw a couple of cute dresses that I tried on.  And while in the dressing room, my soon-to-be 4 year old treated the other shoppers to the usual dressing room conversation...

Jake: Mommy, are you taking off your clothes?!

Me: Yes Jake, so I can try on these dresses and see if I like them.

Jake:  Mommy, this says 2 {holding the little plastic number thing}.  Can I hang it here?  How about here?  How about here? {as he reaches towards the lock on the door} 
So I scream, in my softest yet firm "I mean it" voice:  
Do NOT open that door, sweeeeeetie!

Then I get the dress on.  It was white and had a little lace on it.  And I look like I'm trying to be a 15 year old.  A 15 year old marshmallow actually.

And then Jake says: Oh Mommy, you look beautiful!

And then I rip off the dress and wonder why I ever thought to try on that thing in the first place as Jake giggles and says:

Haaa!  Look at your undies, Mommy!

Oh yeah, good times at Target :)

What things do your cute little kiddos do that embarrass you while in public?  You know, like when they ask you RIGHT in front of the manly looking cashier woman "Is that lady a lady or a man, Mommy?"  
That kind of fun stuff.

p.s.  Not sure why my fonts/centering is all off in this post... and don't forget to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a $20 gift card to Breanne's Thirty One Gifts!  Winner will be chosen on Thursday!

Craft That Party said...

ha! this one made me laugh! I also went to Target today. We only made it to the return dept and toys.

HeidiAdeleSnyder said...

OH my word!! That is awesome!! I hate when I looked like I was 15! :o)

Megan said...

Ha!! So funny! When I was potty training my oldest son (named Jake too!), we were at Disneyland and stopped at a {crowded} public restroom. When it was my turn to go, he said, "Don't forget to push your pee-pee down, Mommy!!!" {oh my goodness!!} And of course, at the end of the ordeal I would always get cheerleading too (Good Job using the potty, Mom!)

The Jenson's said...

Too funny. I loved it when you used to post funny stuff that Sam said. You should post more of these!

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

I Love Target! Awesome story-- made me laugh!

Mama Parker said...

Well, you were there at JoAnn's when Eli started yelling WEINER WEINER WEINER while jumping up and down in the shopping cart. Or how about yesterday when I was returning something and Eli ran behind the cashier section and starting banging on the keyboard. I have gotten "the look" a lot lately. OH...haha, I have another one. Maybe I'll email it to you, or maybe not. ;)

Maggie Jameson said...

My favorite Target moment was in the bathroom... Griffin was about 3 or 4 and decided he was going to look under EVERY stall and see who was in there... then he was taking forever and when I told him to hurry up he screamed, "I'm trying to poop and it won't come out!" Awesome, thanks for sharing.

Annie said...

Kids are hilarious! When my step-daughter Arianna was four, we were at Ralphs during the busy dinner rush so there were lots of people in out aisle and I was getting something from the bottom shelf (and my shirt obviously wasn't long enough!) I was wearing a superman thong! LOL! (it was cute but I didnt want the world to know!)) anyways, Anna started laughing and then announced really loudly "Annie's wearing superman chonies!" I almost died! and I nicely hushed her and but she couldnt stop! "but why are you wearing superman chonies?" She talked about them the whole shopping trip (loudly of course since 4yr olds have no idea how to be quiet!) and then would ask me all the time for months if I was wearing them! Six years later, Arianna still talks about that shopping trip!

kamahiclan said...

Here are just a FEW of the millions of public humiliation instances I have endured. Your cuties have been kind to you!!!

Happy Home Fairy said...

A few days ago my Happy Buddy pointed to an older lady's tummy and said, "BABY!" in a very loud voice. I tried to cover it up with conversation, but he continued to point and reached for her shirt to pull it up while saying, "SEE THE BABY? SEE THE BABY?"

The woman was definitely not pregnant.


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