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Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Break Wrap-Up!

Wahoo!!  We did it... we survived a school vacation without getting sick for the first time this year.  It was an awesome week... 

On Saturday we had our Bake Sale for Japan, picnicked and played with friends all day long!

I think we slept all day on Sunday... or so I wish :) Oh yeah, on Sunday we realized that when your baby's hair looks THIS bad, it's time for their first haircut.  Like NOW... {insert  sad, disbelieving mama face here!}

So on Monday he got his first haircut AND he discovered his tongue that day too.  It was a big day in Babyland!  We also went out for ice cream in the middle of the day at a real ice cream shop.  Well, if you count Baskin Robbins as a real ice cream shop... I mean it wasn't McD's drive thru.  

On Tuesday we went to the Zoo with my mom {aka Nani} and stayed the night in San Diego.  It was the BEST day ever at the Zoo because we took forever getting out the door that day so we didn't get there until 4 pm when most people were leaving.  It almost felt like we were there when we weren't supposed to be... it was that empty.  And this is the San Diego Zoo we're talking about.  That place is normally a ZOO, you know? :)
 The boys had all the stuff to climb on all to themselves!
 And there was not one other person at the Polar Bear exhibit 
{that has these new-ish seals and other fun stuff}
 The zebras are Jake's favorite and he was sooo excited to see them, especially since I said no last time because they are on a REALLY big hill and I've got a double stroller full of boys to push!
And these little ducklings with their mama walked with us on the path to the exit.  
So cute!

On Wednesday we went to Sea World, and just like the Zoo, it was surprisingly not crowded...
although that might have been because it was freeeeezing and even rained on us!

Thursday and Friday we stayed home and did a little of this...

and a whole lotta this...

along with a few science experiments {that's oil, water, and food coloring}

On Saturday we went to a sweet 1st Birthday party for a cute little cousin.
Like a sillyhead, I brought my camera and forgot to take a single picture.  Here's Sam's painting for the birthday boy.

Oh, and our family room pretty much looked like this THE.ENTIRE.WEEK.  
We loved Spring Break.  
I looooove having all three of my little guys home all day, every day {well, most of the time} and getting a break from the mama-taxi routine, because I'll be honest, it feels good to stay in pjs for days and days every once in awhile.  

The countdown to summer is ON!

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Wendy said...

Looks like a fun week! The first haircut is always bittersweet! He is adorable :)
We are ready for summer vacation here, too!!


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