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Monday, April 25, 2011

School papers

I LOVE my boys' school, but I had to laugh when this is what they brought home this past week...

If Jake thinks this is what he's going to grow up to be if he keeps eating chicken nuggets, I think I'd better stop feeding them to him.  {Actually, we're trying to eat healthier and I know that I shouldn't feed him them so often, but what do people feed their kids for lunch if nuggets are off the menu?}

And Sam brought home this from the cutest little girl in his class.  Would it be inappropriate for me to call her mom and tell her to wait about 20... no, 25 years and then come back??? :)

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The Jenson's said...

I'm with you there on lunch. Zach eats rolled tacos (brain frezze - can't spell the other would for them) and Mac and cheese most the time. When I have leftovers he'll eat those. He just isn't into sandwiches


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