gallamore west: Luke's 1st haircut!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Luke's 1st haircut!

I didn't really want to do it because he's only five months old and I really think it's adorable when babies get their first haircut at 1 year, especially since the little certificate he got for getting his hair cut today says that he's now graduated from babyhood?!  I guess the haircut place doesn't know that this one is going to be my baby FOREVER!

But anyway,  it had to be done.  Luke was getting straggly and shaggy and we couldn't have that.  His Donald Trump comb-over had to go...

What a difference a day makes!
 Even though I clearly seem way more excited about the hair cut than Luke, he did such a great job!  He didn't get upset at all, even though I woke him up to bring him in {sorry Lukers!} or when the guy used the buzzers.  Luke is seriously the most awesome baby ever {don't tell his big brothers I said that!}
And Sam had been growing his hair out since school started, but finally decided he wanted his short again too.  Hallelujah!  He said he'll grow it out again in the fall to keep warm... just like a wild animal. 

And what about Jake?  He didn't need a haircut today since he did it ALL BY HIMSELF just last week!
He did ask me for a haircut right before he did it and I said I would do it that night so he was just being helpful by doing it himself, right?  The funny thing is that he actually did a pretty good job for an almost 4 year old.  So I guess I'll just let him do it himself from now on... just joking!  
 Horray for a 1st haircut that didn't scare Luke and kept his baby soft hair... a win-win for Luke and his mama!


JBSquared said...

Oh my gosh! I almost WISH Seth would cut his own hair! It would save us from the screaming tantrun he throws every single time!

Looking cute, little Luke! It's still ok to be a baby for a while, though. :)

The Jenson's said...

It looks really good. He doesn't look all grown up and is still a baby!!!
Horay for Sam too. It was too funny when someone touched his hair in the dessert and he quickly re-styled it flat down.
I'm dreading the cutting of the own's a good memory picture though


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