Luke {6 months}

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Luke here. 

That's right.  Now that I'm six months old today {can you believe it?!} I'm just gonna blog for my mama today and tell you all about me and the cool stuff I do.

So, first of all... I am an awesome baby.  Seriously, I hear my mama tell people that ALL THE TIME.  And not to brag or anything, but it's pretty much true.

Even though I'm sleeping when I should be eating here...
And playing when I should be napping here...
I still pretty much rock because I LOVE Babyland {that's what my big brothers call these crazy contraptions}

And my family loves me soooo much.  It's kinda crazy how many kisses I get every day.  These people just can't get enough of me!
But when it's time for bed that's when I really shine.  

Listen up babies 'cause you're gonna want to know all about this.  My favorite thing to do is SLEEP!  Yep, I'm telling you... a good TWELVE hours straight is usually my style.  And skip the rocking me to sleep stuff.  Just turn on my music, give me a little smootcheroo and go relax because I just wanna lay down, cover my gorgeous blue eyes with my hands and sleep the night away.  

Last night my mama hung out with my buddy Trever's mama though and they stayed up WAY past their bedtime laughing about silly stuff so I was extra nice this morning and slept until 8:30 AM.  Told ya, I'm rad.  I even hear Mommy tell her friends that I'm the best baby ever.  But don't tell my brothers 'cause that might hurt their feelings, and I love those guys.

There's a super short window on boys being able to get away with wearing overalls...
so I told my Mama to snap this picture quick!  She thinks I can wear overalls 'til I'm like four, but I'm telling her that it's more like two years tops.  Got that Mommy? :)  

Oh, and you think I'm joking, but I really do talk.  I say "Dada" all the time.  But it sounds more like "DADADADADADADADADADADADADA!!!"  
Mommy loves it because she tells Daddy that I'm calling for him.
{I found my tongue one day... what a super cool thing!}
So just to make her day on Easter I said, "Ma-Ma."  Even though I only said it once and I was looking at my Grandma {aka Nani} when I said it, she still loved it and tells everyone about that.

I'm not really into sitting up by myself yet, but I love doing the worm.  You know what I mean, right?  I like scrunching up my little cutie bootie and moving all around the room.  My brothers think that's soooo funny when I do that.

Thanks for stopping by my Mommy's blog and letting me chat about myself.  If you leave Mommy a comment, make sure you tell her how cute I am, k?  She eats that stuff up like I eat up my rice cereal.

Love ya,
Lukey Boo
Yukus {that's what Jake says}
Bubbas {can you give 'em a hint that I'm not crazy about that one?  Thanks!}
Naiman Family said...

Laurie~ What a super adorable post and cutie patootie Lukie! :) Once you're settled in SD, my baby Ben would love to meet your baby Luke and my toddler Jake would love to meet your cute kiddos Jake and Sam. :) Kim

Casa Sonrisa said...

You crack me up!! This is so funny!! =)

Jen said...

Ok, first of all - could that boy get any cuter? He is one handsome little man! No wonder people want to kiss him all day. :)

And second - 12 HOURS? Seriously? I don't think my boys have ever slept 12 hours straight in their LIVES. You are one lucky mama, in more ways than one!

BoiseBryners said...

Oh....he is such a cutie. Love the pics.

Mama Parker said...

What a perfectly sweet and sleepy baby! I can't believe you are 6 months and blogging already, Luke! <3


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