gallamore west: Coming soon: The Thigh Master.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Coming soon: The Thigh Master.

And I'm not talking about exercise equipment...  
I'm talking about these:
We're looking forward to some serious CHUBBA WUBBA thighs around here soon! {and I don't mean mine} because look who is loving his rice cereal... seriously can't shovel the stuff into his little mouth quick enough!
He was so serious about eating his first food yesterday.  Mr. Gallamore said it was because he had a camera shoved in his face the whole time {good one sillyhead!} but you've gotta have this messy 1st food picture.  It's pretty much a required picture for baby's 1st photobook, right?  

Oh, and don't tell his brother but when he's not around, 
Luke also has a thing for Jake's favorite new zebra.  
Chubba Wubba legs- bring them on... 
I can't wait to squeeze 'em!


Jen said...

Haha! Love those chubby little legs! He is seriously one sweet, snuggly little guy. :)

The Jenson's said...

Bring on the warm weather so we can see chubby legs all day long!!


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