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Friday, April 15, 2011

Be my pen pal?

I love my boys' school.  Sam has the most precious Kindergarten teacher- the kind that we dream our kids will have.  She is kind, dedicated, listens to his sweet little stories, teaches him so well, inspires him, and makes him feel like a million bucks every single day.  And this morning I got an email from her saying that the class would love to be pen pals with Sam after he moves.  

And my heart melted... and I immediately went and found this.

I was a lucky kid who moved just once growing up.  It was during Christmas vacation when I was in 1st grade.  And I am praying every day that Sam handles it MUCH better than I did.  
Because I thought I was going to die. 

I cried at school every day for weeks and weeks.  They let me play on the "big kid playground" because my big sister was on that one, and if I stayed on the "little kid playground" I would just bawl my little eyes out.  Seriously, it was not pretty. AT ALL.

So I wrote my class a letter and was thrilled beyond words when I got this in the mail shortly after... a manila envelope full of letters from every single kid in my class, plus both of my teachers {Mrs. Johnson in the morning, Mrs. Collins in the afternoon}.

I can't even count the number of times I've pulled out that fraying manila envelope and read the letters.
Remember how important it was to be in the best reading group?  Skylights was the cream of the crop.  Looks like this guy was a little competitive... brat.  Yeah well, when I moved I was in Across the Miles.  Take that Jason H! :)

And this girl?  Read that last line "You were such a nice and pretty girl, but we got a new girl".  Clearly Little Miss Mollie moved on quickly.

Oh, but this one...
 Oh yeah, this letter was on BOTH sides...
First grade girl gets a letter like THIS from a 2nd grade by {it was a combo class}... I was on Cloud Nine for weeks. 

I haven't moved THAT many times in my almost 34 years, but every time I do, I run across these letters.  I used to wonder if I was silly for keeping these.  But I didn't care. There is no way I'd part with them.  And this morning when I pulled them out, they were extra special because I sat down with my soon- to-be-moving 6 year old and showed him my special letters from my big move when I was 6 years old.   
And it was precious.  


The ShuFamily said...

love this story!
we got pen pals as a class project from a school in illinios when i was in 4th grade. can you believe we wrote letters to each other nearly every month until high school graduation?? i had to move at the end of elementary and at the end of jr high (jeez mom and dad!!) so i really needed those letters when i was lonely. i love stories like these.

Jen said...

Oh my gosh I am so close to bawling my eyes out right now. That is the sweetest thing ever! It is SO important to a kid to know that they are loved - I'm sure with all the friends you guys have made at that school that the Gallamores will be remembered fondly FOREVER. :)

Toni said...

Love the letter that says 'we got a new girl' - ha! kids are so funny! Cute blog you have here!


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