1st Photo card made in PhotoShop!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm sooooo excited right now because after buying Photoshop Elements about 3 years ago and wanting to throw it out the window about 2,398,324 times since then, tonight I FINALLY created something with Photoshop!!!  Seriously, I have sat down and tried on my own countless times and about ripped my hair out, but tonight I gathered up some patience, opened up my new favorite blog, Twiddler House, and followed the step-by-step tutorial for beginners in Photoshop and waaa-laaa!!!

It's my 1st attempt and I see a few things I could improve for next time, and my photo card surely isn't winning any photo card awards {yet!} but the fact that I, with the attention spam of a gnat, could actually follow these directions without losing interest AND end up with a successful project {that I just sent off to the printers to pick up in the morning} is about the most exciting thing EVER!   

And waaaaay more exciting than the fact that the little cutie in the picture just came downstairs crying and has a fever :(  Ugh!

Looking for an easy to follow Photoshop tutorial?  Check out Jen's super thorough, but won't bore you and it's easy to understand tutorial on Twiddler House!  Thank you Jen!  

Oh, and if you're one of Jake's wonderful Trike-A-Thon sponsors, sorry for showing you the card you'll soon be getting in the mail... I was just TOO excited not to share :)
Jen said...

You totally rocked it! I looks AWESOME! I'm so excited! :) I'm so glad to know it was helpful. I can't wait to see what else you come up with, now that you are a PSE pro! ;)


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