You're watching WHAT??

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mr. Gallamore's night goes like this: hug the boys, mumble something about being really tired, heat up his dinner, half listen to whoever is talking {which is usually everyone all at once because we've got like five minutes tops} and then head upstairs for pjs, a little tv and bed.  I'm not complaining.  I really am not. He commutes three hours a day right now and yesterday he took the trash out in the rain, went to Costco on the way home, put all the groceries and the trash cans away.  Awesome!

So tonight I piggy-backed Jake upstairs to our room so they could say good night to each other.  The tv was on and as I walked out he said...

"I'm flipping back and forth between this and Olivia"

Again he says, "I'm flipping back and forth between this and Olivia."

Me:  "What?  You watch Olivia??"

Him:  "I said Libya."

Ohhhh, Libya.  Right. The country, not the cartoon.
And that was our only conversation today.  
The whole day.  
And we talked about Olivia, a cartoon pig.

Sandy said...

Hahaha! :0)

Kari said...

I understand what that's like, except my kids don't usually get to see dad before bed. Both of us should get more time with our husbands about the same time. Thank goodness for a shorter commute for you and the end of tax season for us!


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