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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why yes, I DO know where my garage is.

When my morning started like this, I knew it was going to be a good one. Then Jake asked if I could read them a Valentine's Day story.  So I did.  Then Sam said,
Why didn't we celebrate Valentine's Day?"

Did he seriously just say that?!

So my heart cried a little and I reminded them about this, and this, and this.

We got ready, rushed off to take Jake to school {trip #1 to the school}, then to Target for a white t-shirt for Sam {for Blast to the Past day @ school today} then home to bake 75 cupcakes for Open House tonight.  Sam's been asking to do a "jungle-y craft" with me for days so in between batches of baking we made little button/paint animals because "crafts really should have googly eyes and buttons, Mom."

So here I am cruising right through our morning pretending I was winning my own imaginary episode of Cupcake Wars even though a friend came over to buy our bassinet {hope you love it Angie!} and I had forgotten that she was coming and was embarrassed that my house was a wreck 
and she had to step over scissors on the kitchen floor...

We took Sam to school and went to pick up Jake {trip #2}. He was lovin' his slicked hair...

Came home and was still on schedule... just had to frost the cupcakes, punch out the toppers, pay a few bills, wash my hair, pick up Sam @ 3 and drop off all the cupcakes for tonight and stop @ Starbucks for the free dessert today.  Luke got dressed in shorts for the first time in his whole life today and those little legs were so stinkin' cute I had to stop and take a few pics of him.
And then my phone rang...
We are selling our house and I'm not going to say no to people who want to see our house even though we've already sent an offer to the bank because what if THESE people are the ones who will really get it?  So yes, I'm in the middle of a cupcake extravaganza which means I'm not really sure what my boys are getting into, but come on over!  And then I did the quickest clean-up this house has ever seen and the doorbell rang.  They were checking out the house and the husband pointed to the door from the kitchen to the garage...

Me:  "This is the door to the..."
Husband cuts me off and says "Pantry?"
Me:  "This door goes to the garage."
Husband:  "It's not the pantry?"
Me:  In my head I said, "Pretty sure I know where my garage is Mister!"  but in real life I gave him a polite little areyoufreakingkiddingmesmile and just said, "It's the garage."

And then we ran out the door {without the cupcakes because I had been too busy throwing stuff into places where I'll never be able to find the stuff again and arguing about where my garage door is} to get Sam from school {trip #3}.  Stop at Starbucks {we're LOVING the new desserts!}, stopped to pick up a dessert stand to borrow for tonight, stop for dinner or I knew we'd be eating cupcakes for dinner, listened to my voicemail and it's someone else wanting to come see the house... today.  Nice guy, wouldn't stop talking when he came over {= no time to wash my hair} and is bringing back his clients in the morning.  Fabulous!

Note:  Call Realtor in the morning and ask him when I can stop letting strangers into my house because the boys and I would love to start spreading play doh onto the wood floors again relax a little.

So then I changed my shirt for the fourth time today {#1= powdered sugar, #2= spit-up, #3= ugly shirt} and we were off again.  Open House was great! {Trip #4 to the school today.}  The boys love their classes, love their teachers, love their projects, love their friends... and I love that they love it all so much and that they are learning so much.  There's a whole lotta love there! It's going to hard to leave this place.  Sam's room was an amazing zoo theme...

And Jake's room was full of fun projects they've been working on...

and not a single cupcake came back home with us.  Yay!!  
So bummed I got a horrible picture of those toppers because they were the cutest ever, 
The writing says "Kindergarten is Wild."

But after this day I think I need one taped to my forehead and says 
My Day is Wild!

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