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Monday, March 7, 2011

Two of my favorite things...

{Luke and our bed}

With three boys, pretty much all the time is "laundry time" around here.  The other day I put Luke down on our bed to fold some clothes and within five seconds he was sound asleep so I pulled up the covers a little and watched him in Dreamland.  It's the cutest thing to see him all cuddled up so tiny in that big bed.  

And speaking of that big bed...  I can't even count the number of times I've thanked my mom {in my head and sometimes verbally to her} for strongly convincing me to buy it.  We were at the Pier One clearance store in San Diego years ago {it's not there anymore... I cried when I learned that sad news!} and I saw this bed.  I LOVED it, but I had no way to get it out of the store.  Plus it had what I considered to be a HUGE flaw... a big chunk of wood missing from the headboard.  But the price was AH-MAZING... 75 dollars for a  King size headboard, footboard and rails... and no sales tax.  My mom said, "Run up to the counter and buy it!"  I hesitated for a minute and she said,

"Just buy it.  We'll figure out how to get it to your house later."  

So I did.  I ran up to the counter and bought it.  
And it is by far THE BEST bargain purchase I've ever made.  

See that circled part above Luke's head... that was the "HUGE flaw" that my brother fixed with a piece of scrap wood and a Sharpie.  Yes, a Sharpie pen!  Pier One continued to sell this bed for somewhere around 600 bucks for a King for years and years.  And I got mine for 75 dollars!!

Thank you, Mom.  I listened to you... and you were right :)
What's your favorite purchase ever?


janet said...

thanks for visiting my little blog and for your sweet comment.

Love the bed, but the little guy stole my heart first ;->

Janet xox

BoiseBryners said...

I remember when you bought that bed. :) I still remember how fun that shop was, and yeah, too bad it's closed. I bought a clock that day and it is sitting in our living room right now! Can't wait to "meet" little Luke in a few weeks!

Gallamore West said...

The 99 cents clock, right? I remember!! :)


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