St. Patrick's Day @ O'Gallamore West!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Excitement filled the air at our house as the boys cleaned their room really well last night because if a leprechaun came and saw it that messy he would think that another leprechaun had already come!  So they scrambled around cleaning madly before bed {we need leprechauns to visit more often because that trick worked like a charm!}  Just as Sam was going to bed I heard him say to Jake, 

"The leprechaun is going to bring us CAKE!"  

I have no idea where he got that, but this little leprechaun didn't disappoint.  
He had a to-do list that kept him up into the wee hours of the night prepping for the morning
 and when the boys woke up there was gold glitter everywhere! 
{Kitchen table, bathroom counters and sinks, in their beds, in the green water in the toilets even!}

He brought us "Kiss Me, I'm Cute" cupcakes.  

  If you look closely you can see where the Leprechaun put a tiny bit of green food coloring into the bottom of the straw so the milk magically turned green when I poured it in!

The leprechaun wrote words with rainbow Twizzlers and sprinkled rainbow candy on tables 
around the house.  He also threw gold candies on the floor {and left his trash too!}

 He hid all of the boys shoes in really funny places!  And he put gold candies in their shoes.

He even messed up my counter!  Haaaa... that's actually just my mess :)  
For those of you who tell me my house is always clean... this is for you!  

I used these free printables from Anna and Blue Paperie for little gifts for the boys' teachers.

I made Rainbow Krispies for Jake's preschool class and Sam's Kindergarten class.  I made the little tags after I got the idea from here.  Hers were absolutely adorable and I even thought of switching to that idea, but couldn't find the right candy.

Luke was as smiley and precious as ever even though I accidentally got green glitter and glue all over 
his face and hair today while trying to carry him along with a bazillion other things... sorry Lukers!
I'm a total suck for these little $4 onesies with cute sayings from Target :)

Sam gets soooo into every single holiday and by the end of the day {if not sooner} finds a way 
to dress up like someone who represents the holiday... here's Sam the Leprechaun!  
That shirt is Take 2 of the freezer paper shirt and it came out perfectly!!

This really has nothing to do with St. Patrick's Day other than that it happened today... the ONE time I hadn't sent in extra clothes in case of emergency because Jake is running low on pants and because they NEVER, EVER have needed them.  He came home in pants labeled "preschool" today.  I think this little note is so sweet because Jake hardly ever gets upset about little things but I guess spilling an entire container of apple juice on yourself isn't really a little thing when you're three!

These are my lucky charms. 
Unknown said...

I love your treats! Wish I had a color printer, sob! But I love even more that your son gets dressed up for every holiday! That's a kid after my own heart! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment! I'm a new follower and hope you can come back and visit me again too!

BoiseBryners said...

That's to-do lists are on the same paper! lol!

The Jenson's said...

Sounds like the boys had fun with the "leprechan". Funny that Luke was covered with gilter (and other stuff)


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