Mardi Gras cookies!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I was supposed to be playing Mardi Gras Bunco right this minute, but I came home from running errands to find our 6-year old in bed. What?! Taking a nap in the middle of a gorgeous sunny Saturday afternoon? Yep, he's not feeling so hot :( and I had already made these little cuties to bring tonight. Well, not so much "made" as "put together". I bought Milanos, one of my very favorite cookies, dipped them in Wilton melts and covered them in sprinkles. So cute and easy! I surely don't need to be eating a whole plate full of these though, so I think I'll put them in a cute little bag, attach this adorable tag from The Tomkat Studio and someone will be getting random Mardi Gras cookies on their doorstep in the morning. Everyone loves Mardi Gras cookies on a Sunday morning, right?!
Mama Parker said...

OMG! These look SO yum. I'm going to have to try this. So simple and who doesn't love Milanos?


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