gallamore west: Luke {4 months}

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Luke {4 months}

Our little Lukey Boo is growing up!


He giggles, babbles, rolls over a little, and makes Sam's day every single day with his adorable smile.

It was impossible to get a good pic of Luke because his big bros love him soooo much that they jump in nearly every picture with him.

This one is precious to me because Sam asked to take a picture and this is what he chose to capture.

Stats from his 4-month check-up:
Weight 14.4 (50% percentile)
Height 26 inches (90% percentile)
Shots:2 plus an oral vaccine
Tears: ZERO!!!
Seriously, bottle up this baby. He's a dream!!


The Jenson's said...

He weighs more than Madison. She was 13 lbs 7 oz one week ago at her 4 month check up.

The Wallace Clan said...

Look at that red hair! I love it.


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