How Does Laurie have a happy day?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Having my April Fool's Day spaghetti cupcakes featured on today was super exciting!  Sam riding his bike sooooo fast was a biggie today too since he just finally got into even wanting to ride a bike at all.  It was such an exciting day that we decided to  eat dinner on the back patio {which Jake called a Beach Party!} and light some 4th of July sparklers after dinner just for fun.  Between my screams of "WAHOO!!!  Go Sam!!" all afternoon and us lighting mini fireworks on the driveway tonight, I'm pretty sure the neighbors think we're crazy.  But we're moving soon so who cares! :)

There are the "spaghetti" cupcakes again!

Tonight it's {another} late night of packing and crafting.  
It's all about burlap and baking around here... 
we've got a Bake Sale for Japan 
coming up here at Gallamore West soon!   

Oh, and if any family members are checking for Jake's Trike A Thon results... it will be THIS Friday {rained out last week}!


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