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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Freezer paper t-shirt

I saw a tutorial on how to make a St. Patrick's Day shirt with freezer paper recently and knew I had to try it.  I couldn't find that tutorial again though so I googled "freezer paper t-shirt" and bunch of stuff came right up.  I followed this one and saw that she cut the freezer paper on her Cricut... genius!  But since I don't have a cartridge w/a shamrock, I just googled "shamrock image", found this one that had a lot of space to add letters in the middle, enlarged it on Microsoft word, and print it on card stock in greyscale.  Then I cut it out and traced it onto the freezer paper.  

You are going to be painting inside the outline of the shamrock so you probably want to leave a good border of freezer paper around it {NOT like how I did on the left side... I had to paint really carefully there!}

Once you have your freezer paper cut how you want it, iron it on gently with the shiny side down {with the iron on the cotton setting, no steam}.  It only took seconds.  Then I added the word "Lucky" cut on my Cricut using the Cuttin' Up cartridge and ironed that on in the middle.

Once you have your freezer paper ironed on, start painting!  I used a foam brush and Tulip fabric paint {from Michael's for $3.99, but I used a 40% off coupon}.  Let it dry a little and paint again.  This is when I got excited to see the finished project so I grabbed my blow dryer set on cool and low and sped up the drying process a little.

And waa-laa!!  There you have it... a messy craft room!    a St. Patrick's Day shirt made with freezer paper!

Not bad for a first try, but here are some tips to make it perfect for next time...

-Use a brand-new, but washed just once to shrink it to the right size, shirt.  This shirt is a Jerzees shirt from Michael's {on sale this week for 2/$5} and I would use that kind again, but this one has been washed a number of times so the paint looks a little bumpy from those little bumpy cotton piling thingys already on the shirt.

-Make sure to paint it smoothly!  Mine shows a few lines... grrrr :(

-Paint into the center of the shirt, on top and away from the freezer paper, rather than towards the edges of the freezer paper.  One little part of the freezer paper lifted when I painted it and pulled up the paper a little, making a messy little spot above the letter "y".

-Hopefully you have more patience than me and actually let it dry completely before lifting off the freezer paper!  I would've had smoother edges had I had more patience.

Even with all my little "trial by error" issues, for the price and ease of this project,  I will definitely be doing it again very soon... as in tomorrow morning and that one is gonna be perrrrfect!  Oh and the freezer paper is from Wal-Mart.  It was $5 and some change for a HUGE box of it.  Seriously, enough to make painted shirts for all three of my boys well into their teenage years.  They're gonna loooove wearing shirts painted by Mom for years, right?! :)


Melanie said...

Love it!! I got a one on one tutorial from Heidi for some christmas capes I made, freezer paper is SO fun and versatile!!

Mama Parker said...

Cute! He looked so proud wearing his shirt this morning. I think you have a few more years of making them shirts. :)


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