Essential items to pack for a weekend trip

Sunday, March 13, 2011

After weeks of anticipation, Friday morning finally came... it was the day that we were going to "the pool house" also known as the house where we are soon moving.  Laying in bed I heard Sam say something, followed by Jake's famous squeal that sounds something like this: 

"eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! At dis day?" 

"Yes, today Jake!  Let's pack!  I'll get our suitcases." 

Then I heard a whole lot of tubs of toys being dumped, more squealing, giggles, etc.  I went to see how the packing was going and saw Jake wearing nothing but a shirt.

"Where are your pants?" 

"He packed them!"

They frantically finished packing, zipped up their suitcases, and went about their day, 
so excited for 3 pm when we'd pick Sam up from school and hit the road.  

So here is what little boys consider essential for a weekend away:

Toothbrushes... horray boys!  

Jake: pajama pants, an empty Pez dispenser from Halloween, and a few other toys he doesn't ever really play with from the "miscellaneous tub", aka Happy Meal toys and other randomness that should really be thrown away but I keep forgetting to do it when they're at school.  Because if they saw me toss that junk they'd have a reason to keep every.single.toy.

Sam:  Favorite toys, a matching set of pjs, and two complete outfits.  Not bad, right?

Although I'm not really sure that even Sam in all his cuteness 
could pull off an outfit combo this bad!

And the best thing Jake ended up packing was himself.  
Good thing they like packing because we have a lot of that to do!
Kari said...

That is so cute!! Toothbrushes are very important and so are random toys. They might get lonely at home:)

The Jenson's said...

I love that he just packed his pajama bottoms!!!


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