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Monday, March 14, 2011

Did I say Monday-Funday...?

Well earlier today on facebook I did say that because I normally love getting the laundry done and getting our house organized after relaxing on the weekend.  But today...

I was wrong.

Today is NOT Monday Funday.  Today is Monday -wash the sheets because someone wet their bed last night, wash a car seat because someone was too busy playing with baby snails before leaving after school to stop for a potty break, and wash my bra because someone spit up smack dead center down the front of my shirt- day.

Whoever said little boys are made of "snakes and snails and puppy dog tails" doesn't live @ Gallamore West.  Although our day did involve snails today it's more like "pee, spit-up, snot and a whole lotta what not" around here today!

But tonight in just minutes, all the boys will {hopefully} be tucked snugly in their freshly washed beds while I indulge in the one and only tv show I faithfully watch... The Bachelor.  Pretty, pretty please Brad...
Pick Emily!
{just my wish, NOT giving anything away here}

1 comment:

Mama Parker said...

We still have to discuss the Bachelor finale!


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