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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

THE best sugar cookie recipe!!

Many people have asked for this recipe.  First I was greedy and didn't want to share.  Then I was lazy and didn't want to post.  
These days I'd like to think I'm neither of those.  
So finally, without further ado, here it is...  

THE best sugar cookie recipe that I have found.  
And I've tried many, many recipes.
From Jake's Barnyard Birthday

I got it a few years back from a blog that I loved so very much.  A blog where I had gotten SO many of my very favorite recipes, but sadly I hadn't checked Katie's blog {} in a long, long time and recently went back and it is 

I just googled her just in case it had been a bad dream but I'm not the only one who is super duper sad that her blog just disappeared because there are actually forums on her disappearance.  One person said she has a book deal in the works and they made her delete her blog.  I'm keeping my eyes peeled for that book.  And if I ever "find" Katie again someday, I'll do a little happy dance.  And it won't be pretty, because my dancing is anything but pretty.

4th of July Party
Okay, back to the sugar cookies.  They are called "Fabulous Sugar Cookies" by Ashlee, who I think was/is a friend of Katie's.  These cookies are reviewed and compared against other sugar cookie recipes on multiple recipe sites and are the hands-down winner every time!  
Mandy's Baby Shower

So, you may ask... are they time-consuming?  I'll be honest... they are kiddos grabbing at your legs because you need to stop and feed them dinner time-consuming, so you might want to wait until the angels are tugged in bed for the icing/decorating part.  
But don't let that stop you from making them because
 if you know your sugar cookie like I know my sugar cookie, they are worth the time and effort.
Bunco Party

Over time I've found a few teeny tiny changes that work for me {in brackets}
1 1/2 cup butter {I use unsalted, always, always, always}
1 1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup powdered sugar
4 eggs {room temp is best}
1 tsp vanilla {plus a smidge more, just a smidge}
1/2 tsp almond extract
1 tablespoon lemon zest {if I have it, I use it except if the cookies are for kids, sometimes I skip it}
5 cups flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
Flour, for rolling {original recipe says powdered sugar but that was just a sticky mess for me}

-Preheat oven to 400 degrees
-Cream butter and sugars in a mixer for five minutes.  Five WHOLE minutes... no cheating here!  I think this is the secret to the success of these cookies.  
You've gotta have a KitchenAid or something similar or your arm will fall off at this point with a hand mixer.
-Add eggs one at a time, mixing thoroughly.  
-Add vanilla, almond, and lemon zest.
-Stir in flour, baking powder, and salt a little at a time.
-Do not overmix.  Mixing in the dry ingredients should take about one minute.
-Chill dough for up to a week {says Katie, I say no more than a day or two.  Overnight is the perfect chilling time}.  Or in the freezer for a few hours, but definitely chill it before rolling it out or it will be a sticky mess no matter how much flour you use for rolling.
-Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and bake cookies for 7 minutes.  7 minutes exactly always works for me.... just barely starting to brown on the edges and puffed up beautifully.
-Wait until cookies are cooled before icing. 
Evan's Train Party

And speaking of icing, that's a different topic for a different day but don't get too excited because I don't follow a recipe so it's always a little tricky to explain.

Valentine's Day Party 2011

There you have it... Fabulous Sugar Cookies by Ashlee.  Posted by Katie.  
Thank you Ashlee, Thank you Katie.  
I miss you, please come back Katie!

More pics of "Fabulous Sugar Cookies"
Kendall's Fancy Nancy Party
Andrea's Baby Shower

Sam's Space Birthday Party

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Natalie said...

Holy cow, girl! Did you decorate all those cookies?? They are fabulous! I recently posted pics of some very basic cookies I decorated and I felt like they took me forever!! Awesome job!

Gallamore West said...

Thank you Natalie!! Yes, I decorated all of them, but over the past couple of years. They do take forever! :)

Linda said...

Thanks for the comment on my REAL cupcake. I'm glad you did b/c it made me come back over here, and see this recipe. My mom has been on a life long search for a sugar cookie recipe like one she used to eat in elementary school. She'll have to try this one!

I love the animal ones!

I love the "about me" story on your profile. So sweet! I think Taylor Swift could turn it into a song. :-)

Sandy said...

Those cookies are awesome!

Jen said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I sometimes have to fight the same feeling of not wanting to share my tried and true favorite recipes. Reading what you wrote made me laugh! Thank you very much for sharing the best sugar cookie recipe. I am actually in the middle of doing a recipe comparison now. I have 12 different sugar cookie recipes to try out!

Amy and Clint said...

LOVE these cookies!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing! You still don't have a icing recipe available somewhere do you??? I have one that I like but I bet yours is better!


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