snow day!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Let's take a break from papier mache because that's boring. Actually doing it isn't boring, but blogging about it sure was. But I got the flu last week and had nothing else to talk about anyway because you DON'T want to hear about the stomach flu, right?

Anyway... I'm finally feeling much better today so we bundled up the boys for the Himalayas, even though we really just went to Oak Glen. It was GORGEOUS! Lots of people parked all over the sides of the road on the way up, but we went to our favorite place in Oak Glen {Los Rios Rancho} and got a parking spot right smack in front of a huge field of snow. On our way back down the hill we decided that all those crazies parked on the main road playing on the side of the road were probably from LA and had no idea what gorgeousness was just up the hill a bit. Yay for us :)

Sam was in snow angel heaven. This kid LOVES the snow. He soooo didn't get that from me, as I'm more of a curl up in a cabin and watch the snow from a window while sipping hot chocolate and reading a good book kind of person. But Sam loved it so much he piled it on top of his own head.

Jake kept his mittens on for approximately 1.2 seconds. He thought the snow tasted yummy, like Slurpees. Which is good to know because now I know I can skip loading all the boys into their carseats to go to 7-11 and just crush up ice at home and Jake will be happy :) And yes, I made sure it was clean.

And Luke opened his eyes once but decided that napping was better than the snow.

We stopped for take-out from El Pollo Loco and redboxed "Megamind" on the way home. Redboxed is now an adjective, you know. It was pretty good but at the end of the movie we were still quoting all of our favorite lines from
because Luke in his little snowsuit today was "sooooo fluffy!"


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