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Friday, February 18, 2011

i love a good light bulb moment

You know when you think and think and think and THINK about something you want to do and what you come up with isn't really "it" but it's good enough. Then all of a sudden, "it" comes to mind and you know that is really "it"... EXACTLY what you've been trying to think of and when the light bulb moment hits you know.

Well, because I'm a little crazy, I plan my boys' birthday parties ridiculously far in advance. So I've been thinking of Jake's 4th birthday {it's in May} for months. While watching him zoooooom around the backyard on his little red scooter in his fuzzy footed pjs at 7:57 AM this morning, that little light bulb lit right up. "A little red scooter" theme fits our Jake perfectly and I'm already busy planning away for that afternoon in May!

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JBSquared said...

I love this as a theme! And you will rock it, as usual. :) I love your new blog design, too! Pretty colors!


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