gallamore west: Groundhog Day desserts

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day desserts

We celebrated Groundhog's Day tonight by making these quick and easy desserts. The boys loved reading the poem, coloring their groundhog, then pulling him out of their "dirt" {crushed oreos in chocolate pudding cups} and saying, "He sees his shadow!" and "He doesn't see his shadow!"

Sam drew another groundhog because he wanted Phil to see his shadow today. Really they could care less about his shadow since we live in Southern California where it's always about 70 degrees, even though today was a rare freeeeezing day {59 degrees}. But it's always fun to come up with a reason to eat "dirt cups" for dessert :) Happy Groundhog Day!


The Jenson's said...


JBSquared said...

Laurie, you are the only one I know who goes to the trouble of making Groundhog Day desserts. ;) Your boys sure are lucky! What a cute idea!

Happy Home Fairy said...

Soooo cute! I wish I had one to eat right now! You are such a fun mama and thank you for always stopping by Happy Home Fairy!


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