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Thursday, January 27, 2011

heart garland

I've had "make heart garland for mantel" on my to-do list all week. Lucky for me, Sam wanted to draw these sweet little hearts this morning.

His little creations are always so adorable, plus actually displaying them in our house is such a great compliment to him. I mounted his little hearts on red cardstock so they show up better, traced hearts onto some leftover scrapbook paper I had, and strung them all onto baker's twine.

Check that off the to-do list! Plus I think it's super cute, and freeeee! I didn't use my Cricut because I didn't want to bring sick kids to Michael's for new mats {you're welcome!} so I traced hearts with a cookie cutter instead.


Smith's in Iowa said...

I found a forum on getting cricut mats sticky again because I was frustrated that mine had already lost it's stickiness. I used a baby wipe and wiped mine off and it's sticky again!! You can wash them with soap and water and there were sticky things you could put on them to avoid spending more $ on buying new ones.

Gallamore West said...

Thanks Kari! That's awesome... I really dislike having to buy new mats all the time. They're expensive! The other day I used a little bit of double-sided tape on mine too and it worked pretty well :)

The Jenson's said...

Very Cute!


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