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Friday, January 28, 2011

Luke {3 months}

Wow! I kept thinking all day about how if you divide a year into 4 chunks, Luke is already one chunk of the way to his 1st birthday. And what a cute little chunk he's becoming! He is so sweet, calm, smiley and he makes the cutest little cooing sounds ever heard.

I can no longer say that he has never cried without me being able to calm down though... there was this one night, far from home in the dark, me and the three boys and Sam and Jake covering their ears and saying, "Make him stop pleeeease Mommy!" But back to today... here's our little Lukey Boo at 3 months! Jake really thought this was a photo shoot of the two of them. He was so sweet posing with Luke and he wanted to see every single picture as I took them so I gave up trying to crop him out of most of them :)

Jake is precious beyond words in the way he takes care of Luke. {The other day I left Luke on Jake's bed and ran downstairs to get the camera. Jake came running down to say, "Mommy, there's an emergency upstairs... Yuke is crying!" Yuke... that's Luke in Jake speak.}

I looooove these stickers I bought to mark each month of Luke's 1st year. If you're looking for anything like that (holiday iron-ons, stickers for shirts, etc.) I recommend lilbabybumble on Etsy.

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JBSquared said...

Love that little "Yuke." ALL your boys are so sweet! :)


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