gallamore west: November 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Luke {1 month}

Our sweet little Luke is one month old! He is a dream baby- a good eater, good sleeper, and his older brothers actually want to hear him cry! And his crazy red hair that sticks straight up 24 hours a day is the talk of the town! We are so grateful to have Luke in our family.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving... Kindergarten Style!

Sam has the BEST Kindergarten teacher ever. It's awesome, except I'm afraid no other teacher for the rest of his school life will compare! She put together the cutest Thanksgiving program and I had the pleasure of helping with the turkey leg hats and the dessert table. It was so cute listening to all of the kids on the microphone say what they were thankful for, especially our sweet Sam who said he's thankful for "My baby brother Luke, my brother Jake... and MYSELF!"

Sam received the Fine Arts/Imagination Award!

Jake loved Sam's turkey legs hat.

Little Man Luke was dressed for the occasion... front view.

And the adorable rear view!

Plenty of sweet treats

Gobble, gobble!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

What we've been up to...

Luke is 3 weeks old and we are more in love every day. He is s.w.e.e.t!!! He keeps us busy with lots of feedings and hiccups and snuggle time. His big brothers are staying busy too, cuddling and playing with him. And spilling raw rice EVERYWHERE! Jake loves rice {but only when eaten raw out of the bag from the pantry} and oops... "Hurry and clean this up before Mommy sees!" was the scene here. They were so cute trying to clean it up quickly that I had to take a picture. Not that I'd quickly forget this anyway though since it also spilled INSIDE the pantry and I haven't had a chance to clean yet. So every time I take something out of the pantry, out comes a handful of rice. Ohhhh, I love my boys... they make me laugh every day.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Definitely Brothers {a guessing game}

I love these snuggly newborn pictures of Sam, Jake and Luke. Can you tell which one is which?

Baby Boy #1

Baby Boy #2

Baby Boy #3

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Playing catch up!

It's been such an exciting time around here at the Gallamore house... we love Fall, even if it still feels like Summer.

We met the boys' new cousin, Madison!!

We went to the pumpkin patch nice and early in the month before it was too crowded.

We celebrated Halloween early... because we knew we'd be REALLY busy right around Halloween this year!

And even though we were incredibly tired on Halloween, having been home from the hospital with our sweet Luke for just a day, Ben was such a good sport. He dressed up like a Viking like Sam asked him too and took the boys trick or treating around our neighborhood. We normally do so many more fun Halloween activities (themed food, pumpkin carving, crafts, desserts, get-togethers with friends, etc.) I thought that Sam and Jake would be a little let down this year. They were out trick or treating about 30 minutes tops and came home with about 20 or so pieces of candy each. They were thrilled with their candy though and Sam even said, "This was the BEST Halloween ever!"

And of course, the very best, greatest, most exciting thing going on in our family is the arrival of our LUKE!! He is precious and continues to amaze us each day with his calm, easy going personality. We looooooove our Luke so much.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Welcome Luke!

We are beyond words with excitement at the arrival of our third son, Luke! Ben and I are in love with him, and his two big bros are over the moon too. We feel so incredibly blessed to have him in our family. He has been home for one week today and we are all doing great!


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