gallamore west: August 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Let's count!

Jake LOVES the ABC flashcards I printed a few weeks ago from homemadebyjill. We're doing "Homeschool Preschool" with him and he's loving every minute of the one-on-one attention while Sam's in Kindergarten! Today I found these... he is going to love seeing them at "school" tomorrow afternoon!

Monday, August 23, 2010

For the Jay Leno Show...

I love seeing funny things like this. I always take a picture and tell Ben that I'm going to send my pics to Jay Leno, but I never do. So here is what I would send if I wasn't too lazy to look up the email address to send it to.

The angry sign...

And directly below the angry sign.

On the lookout...

On our recent road trip, Sam really wanted to see a fox. Our entire vacation Sam wanted us to look out the window with him and try to find a fox. Not just any old fox, but a red fox. He got binoculars at the Oregon Zoo to help him spy a fox. He checked out the scat (yep, the animal poop) at the Boise Zoo to know that if he saw some familiar looking scat along the roadside, then a red fox was nearby. And he made sure I had the camera ready at all times on our road trip to take a quick picture when we found a red fox. A lot of times he asked to borrow the camera to practice taking pictures for when he finally saw a fox. Finally one looooong afternoon in the car while he had the camera and was relaxing watching a movie he said, "I saw a RED FOX and I took a picture!!!!!" And here my friends is the picture- proof that Samuel did indeed see not one, but two red foxes on our road trip. I love that boy!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Craft time!

I'm just over halfway done collecting the letters for the alphabet wall in the nursery and I finally ordered the bedding! I couldn't justify spending $60 for a mobile especially because it wasn't really what I wanted anyway, so I've been thinking for days and days what to do about it because our baby NEEDS one, right?! Then just today I saw this...

And it is PERFECT! Except instead of rockets I'll do sailboats. I think I have all of the materials except the twine (and I've been needing a good excuse to buy some because I love it!) so it will cost almost nothing. I better get busy... this little man is coming in about nine weeks and I have soooo much to do still!


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