gallamore west: Happy 6th Birthday Sam!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Sam!

Sam had a great time celebrating his birthday with a few of his close friends, yummy food, and one HUGE snake! He had a How To Train Your Dragon party and since we couldn't find any real dragons we had "Ben the Reptile Guy" come out and do a reptile presentation. He brought a bunch of snakes, including "Fluffy", the big one in the last picture. He also brought a blue-tongued skinx, a pancake turtle, a tarantula, two bearded dragons, a gecko, and more. It was definitely a memorable afternoon in the Gallamore backyard!

The Birthday Boy with three snakes!

A snake slithering around on Jake!

"Fluffy" was HUGE!

Sam wasn't too sure about letting the skinx give him a blue-tongued birthday kiss!

Happy Birthday Sam!


JBSquared said...

Seriously, you are the best mom ever. That looks like SO much fun!! (For the kids, I mean. I'm totally freaked out.) :)

The Jenson's said...

Awesome Birthday Sam. Looks like what every boy would want.


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