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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Playing catch up!

It's been such an exciting time around here at the Gallamore house... we love Fall, even if it still feels like Summer.

We met the boys' new cousin, Madison!!

We went to the pumpkin patch nice and early in the month before it was too crowded.

We celebrated Halloween early... because we knew we'd be REALLY busy right around Halloween this year!

And even though we were incredibly tired on Halloween, having been home from the hospital with our sweet Luke for just a day, Ben was such a good sport. He dressed up like a Viking like Sam asked him too and took the boys trick or treating around our neighborhood. We normally do so many more fun Halloween activities (themed food, pumpkin carving, crafts, desserts, get-togethers with friends, etc.) I thought that Sam and Jake would be a little let down this year. They were out trick or treating about 30 minutes tops and came home with about 20 or so pieces of candy each. They were thrilled with their candy though and Sam even said, "This was the BEST Halloween ever!"

And of course, the very best, greatest, most exciting thing going on in our family is the arrival of our LUKE!! He is precious and continues to amaze us each day with his calm, easy going personality. We looooooove our Luke so much.

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JBSquared said...

I love the boys costumes! They look so great - awesome that Ben dressed up, too. :) Sometimes having to simplify a little really is a blessing. So glad your boys had a fun Halloween and that you have all had plenty of time to enjoy your new little man. :)


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