Dirty boys!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The boys went out to play in the backyard today. When they came in, like normal it was straight upstairs to the bathtub because they get SO dirty SO quickly. On their way up the stairs I said, "How did you get so dirty?" and Jake said, "Mommy, we are dirty, dirty boys like Harry the Dirty Dog!" (That's a bedtime story they love for me to read to them). Then when I was washing their hair, they had SO much sand in their hair that it felt like sandpaper so I said, "Can you guys try not to get so much sand in your hair when you're outside?" Sam looked at me really seriously and said, "But Mommy, how would we make sand angels then?"

Ohhhh, life with little boys is so fun and funny... and with another boy coming soon I can only imagine the funny things he will be saying with these two characters for older brothers. Yay for little boys! And the occasional pedicure/shoppping break for their mama :)
The Jenson's said...

Sand Angels...How cute. (you need to take those boys to the snow)

JBSquared said...

So cute! Sand angels are such a boy thing to do! I can only imagine the dirt that is in your future. :)


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