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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tickle tickle!!

Sam tickled my belly today and said, "Luke's ticklish... he's laughing!"

These boys are soooo sweet, which reminds me that I used to keep a little notebook/ recipe book filled with all of my favorite things that Sam said when he was little. Now that Jake is quite the little chatterbox too, I've pulled out the book again so I remember to write down all these little sweet things they say. And the silly things too... tonight at dinner the boys were having a conversation about washing the dogs. I told Sam I'd give him two dollars for washing Charley and two dollars for washing Flick. He made sure that we were talking about "green money, no coins." I assured him that he would get green money. Then Jake said, "Two dollars? That's a rip off!"

I can't wait to show it to them when they are older. Clearly the recipes I print from online are taking over the book, but with all the sweet things these boys say, that will change in no time! Seriously, if our house ever catches on fire, this journal will be one of the things I make sure to grab.


The Jenson's said...

Too Funny Jake!!

Anonymous said...

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