gallamore west: Lemon Ice... how cute are these?!?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lemon Ice... how cute are these?!?

I just recently discovered this blog, The Idea Room, and I LOVE it!! This is where I got the tutorial for the hand sanitizer gifts (plus a friend of mine made them a couple years back and I remembered how cute they were from then) and I just purchased the travel games for the car from here too... can't wait for our upcoming road trip!! So many cute, crafty ideas that are actually do-able without spending a million dollars or a million hours! Can I rewind to Monday night when I had some of my favorite girlfriends over and serve lemonade like this?!

For details and a million other cute ideas, go to The Idea Room.


JBSquared said...

I LOVE the idea room! She has the best ideas - and like you said, totally practical! These look yummy!

The Jenson's said...

Really Cute!


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