gallamore west: Look Mom... no cavities!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Look Mom... no cavities!

Sam is a pro at going to the dentist. Multiple times the ladies at the dentist office have told me that he is the BEST behaved kid patient they've ever had. Yes, a proud mama moment! I was a little worried about Jake going to the dentist for his first time, but luckily he did awesome too! And no cavities for either of the boys. Now Sam is starting to hear about his friends loosing their first tooth and he can't wait for the Tooth Fairy to come visit him. I keep telling him that I didn't loose any teeth until 3rd grade, so he might need to be patient. But when she comes, ohhhh, she is going to sprinkle fairy dust and leave real gold coins. Okay, maybe I'm a little excited about her arrival too!! :)


The Jenson's said...

And then the toothfairy will have to keep it up. I'm sure those gold coins don't come cheap. ha ha.

JBSquared said...

This is the cutest picture EVER. He is such a sweetie! Your kids are both so good, I bet all the dentists, doctors, teachers, etc. just LOVE them! :)


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