gallamore west: A much needed break!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A much needed break!

Every winter we take a much needed break from the realities of computers, cell phones, etc. and spend a week in the "snowy mountains." Last year we went to the Grand Canyon to ride the Polar Express. The year before we went to Yosemite and enjoyed a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the mountains. This past month we spent a week in June Lake near Mammoth. It was GORGEOUS and we had such a wonderful time cuddling, playing games, drinking cocoa and oh yeah, playing in lots and LOTS of snow!

Jake wasn't so sure about the snow at first...

Sam on the other hand... we couldn't get him OUT of the snow!

Of course both boys loved getting pulled around town on the sled

And tickle fights in bed with Daddy were one of the highlights of the trip!

1 comment:

The Jenson's said...

It's so fun that you have that tradition of a winter break. I might have to steal that idea later on.


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