gallamore west: January 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

Preschool art display

I love, love, love seeing what glittered and glued projects our sweet Samuel creates at preschool. I can't bear throwing them out or even having them in a book hidden somewhere. I used to just tape them up on the wall in the playroom, but it looked so messy. So today I used some ribbon and little tacks and made this preschool art display in the playroom. I love all the color, textures, and most of all, seeing Sam's face light up knowing that his projects are special to us!

101 3324

My favorite...
101 3329

My other favorite...
101 3326

My other-other favorite...
101 3325

I guess they are pretty much all my favorite!

Puttin' some clothes on... {on my windows that is}

We've lived in our lovely home for three and a half years now... and my poor windows are still naked. I mean, they have blinds on them, but they are


for some fabric. Ok, it is ME who has done the crying, begging (not so much screaming, I hope)... and then I discovered this blog and saw this post. So, off I went to JoAnn's where I bought $10.17 of fabric and got busy. I started with my master bathroom because I figured if I completely messed it up, hardly anyone would see. But I actually like it! So, I'm showing you... all 5 of my readers :)

101 3313
Before: Excuse the horrible lighting (and camera). Just to keep it real, I didn't even bother moving the towel, plastic tub, and tool box. {What? You don't all have a toolbox next to your bathtub?!}

101 3322
After: That took about 4 minutes! (And I cleaned... or rather, cleared the stuff for the picture).

101 3318
Plus I had enough fabric left to make a mistreatment for one of the windows in our bedroom...

101 3316
AND a little more extra so I covered a pillow that was in the garage sale pile for our bed. Thank you Nester... I am loving the inspiration and being able to decorate on a budget! Not sure I'm loving the fabric, but for 10 bucks and about 20 minutes total time, it's a great start if I do say so myself.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

San Diego = Fun in the Sun Diego

We had a great day at the zoo on Saturday. It is sooooooo nice to have our zoo passes again and I think Sam might have even changed his mind about Sea World being cooler than the zoo. I never get tired of the beautiful, lush landscape- it feels like you're in a jungle. And the weather, come on now... where else do you get 75 and perfectly sunny every day IN THE WINTER?!?!

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All my boys were supporting our San Diego Super Chargers! {ignore the fact that the 3rd quarter of Sunday's game was really not so super, k?}

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Jake even learned a new word this weekend... gee-RAF. Yep, for a second there I thought the gee-RAFS were coming to nibble on my cute little guys noses or something, but they were just coming close for a little hello.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Going, going, gone...

We went to Sea World one last time this week before our passes expired. Considering that the boys perform the shows at home in the family room for our nightly entertainment, I'd say that we definitely got our money's worth out of those passes! We decided to switch to Zoo/Wild Animal Park passes for '09, but as we were watching our final Shamu show for a while Samuel leaned over and whispered, "Mommy, Sea World is so much cooler than the Zoo and Wild Animal Park." I love them all, but I have to agree... maybe we'll renew after all.

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Santa is vacationing in San Diego... smart man.

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Sea World at the holidays is awesome... the Christmas tree is covered with coral and fish. Hmm, maybe I'll do that to my tree one year (I change it every year so I might just do that!)

We made sure that we got pictures of the most common Sea World animals, such as...

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a camel...

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and a dog. That's funny, huh?! And I'm not even joking... those are the only animal pictures we took that day!

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It was a great day with our sweet little guys!

Snow Day!

Bundled up and ready to play... the day after Christmas (after I did some early morning shopping for Christmas decorations for next year- a VERY fun annual tradition) we took the boys up to the mountains for some fun in the snow!

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That's the arm of a future Chargers QB right there. If only his mama would actually let him play football that is :)


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