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Thursday, August 13, 2009

To Infinity and Beyond!!

Sam is hilarious! He really, really is. We saw these Buzz Lightyear jammies at Wally World a few weeks back and he HAD to have them.

They provide hours and hours of endless entertainment as Samuel {aka Buzz} flies off of the couch and zooms around the kitchen!

The day he got them, he felt so bad for Jake that they didn't have Woody jammies for Jake. So while Jake napped away, Sam enlisted my help and together we made this Woody outfit for Jake... so sweet! He laid it all out for him and was SO excited for Jake to wake up to wear this.

This picture is one of my favorites of Jake. What a little cutie he is! He LOVED wearing his "Woody" outfit from Sam.

But seriously, if any of you see any real Woody jammies, let me know. That paper "shirt" and mama's Ugg boots can't possiby be all that comfy!


Feather Fam. said...

Super Heros??? I'll take it! My kids are STILL in the cat/dog phase! I have to ask them to use their "words" when I ask them something because their answer is usually in a bark or meow! I am going CRAZY!
Well, I guess super heros might be a little more risky!?

Laurie said...

Sara... that is hilarious!!!! Sam did ask me the other day, "Mommy when I get my Buzz Lightyear costume for Halloween with the hard pop-out wings... will I REALLY be able to fly?!" Nooooooooo!!! said...

Conner was Superman for Halloween when he was 4 and he was devastated that he couldn't really fly, even with the red cape. Let me know if you want me to bring the Buzz costume over early. Conner hasn't touched it for months and I'm sure Sam would LOVE it. BTW for the future, we have: spider-man, black spider-man(with muscles), superman, and a dog costume.

J ~ G ~ E ~ A ~ A said...

What good brothers. You can tell how much they love each other.

Kara and Glen said...

That is so cute! I swear they never fight. They look like they are best friends all the time!


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