gallamore west: Seriously so challenged!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Seriously so challenged!!!

After having this blog for a year, a WHOLE YEAR now... I finally figured out how to make individual words big or small!!!!  And in color!!!  Wow, that means two things... number one- this blog is going to get pretty funky and colorful, and number two- I am a dork.  A big, big dork {in big, big letters} or tiny, tiny letters.  Fun stuff!!  

Ohhhhhhhhhh, and this is exciting too {at least it is for me}... I'm working on a top-secret blog, soon to be released with pictures of all my little parties.  Coming soon!!  Coming soon... coming soon. {just practicing my letter sizes there :)}


Smith's in Iowa said...

Do you give tutorials? I haven't figured that out yet. I've seen it on other blogs before.
I'm excited to see your new blog with your parties. You do such AWESOME parties-maybe I could get some inspiration! For Ammon's bday I took him and 2 friends to McDonalds and they had bomb pops afterwards. Totally Ammon picked- and so easy for me. Tomorrow we'll have cupcakes-I won't totally neglect those:)

JBSquared said...

Congratulations! You're so cute. :) Can't wait to see the new blog!

Kammy said...

I need a tutorial also! I want to 'line' things out and I can't figure that out either! Make a post telling us how you do it oh wise Laurie!


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