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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Attention Soldiers!

I'm hoping the third time is the charm as they say... I'm not sure why these pictures haven't been posting. I loved this Army {slash Bolt} party I coordinated for our 5 year-old friend Jack! There really weren't many Bolt decorations so I just cut out little pictures of Bolt for all of the party signs and Jack loved it. Every time I try to post it I get lazier and lazier, so there aren't as many pictures now, but enjoy {hopefully you can see the pictures!} If not, lie and tell me you can, k?!

Birthday boy Jack had so much fun playing army with his friends and tons of these little soldiers.

The dog bone camouflage cookies were a hit!

There were customized canteens for all those thirsty soldiers.

All of the soldiers were given an Honorable Discharge at the end of the party. Each favor bag had a personalized dog tag attached.

Thank you Melanie for allowing me to be a part of Jack's special day!!


The Jenson's said...

Yes you can see the picutes and they are very cute!

Laurie said...

Finally! Thanks... too bad I left out a bunch because I was so frustrated!!


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