Soccer Sam!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sam just completed his first season of Indoor Soccer!!
DSC 0356

Ben and I are so, so proud of him and his efforts! Here's a breakdown of the 10 game season:
DSC 0363

Game 1- Sam was soooo excited, until we got there. He was overwhelmed with the noise, excitement and he wouldn't go back out to play the 2nd half of the game. We briefly considered letting him quit... but thought better.
Game 2- He didn't want to go and cried when it was time to play. I carried him out to play.
Game 3- He didn't want to play and cried, but walked out on to the indoor field on his own.
Game 4- He said he didn't want to play, but didn't cry!
Game 5- He kicked the ball a lot and started to enjoy himself.
Game 6- Sam got a GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the first goal for his team so far!
Game 7, 8, and 9- Sam loved soccer and played so well!
Game 10- Sam's team played a great game and ended the season with some of his teammates getting their first goals too!

We loved having Aunt Mandy and cousin Zach (and Uncle Jake too!) come cheer on Sam for so many of his games!
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We were bummed when we found out that the team's soccer party was the night we were going to Disneyland for Ben's birthday, but we made sure Sam was there for the party still too... "Sam on a Stick" that is!!! Here he is driving in his good friend, Brandon's minivan on the way to the party!
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JBSquared said...

So cute! I love Sam on a Stick! I am so glad he warmed up to soccer and had a good time in the end. And way to go, Sam, for scoring your team's first goal!!

Smith's in Iowa said...

I thought the run down was cute and true to form for what our kids have all done at some point.
That's awesome that he got the 1st team goal-Way to go Sam!!

The Jenson's said...

Zach loved watching Sam play! I think next year he'll love it from the start. (glad to see you did do sam on a stick!)


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