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Monday, May 25, 2009

"Now that I'm 40..."

WHAT?!?!?! My husband is 40?!!?! Hard to believe, but yes, Ben is FORTY!!!
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He now starts his sentences with, "Now that I'm 40..." It's hilarious!! I asked him for months if he wanted a party, but he really just wanted to hang out with the boys and I at Disneyland. We had a blast there for two days and I did arrange a little surprise... Mandy came over and decorated the house and baked Ben his favorite cake.
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He has asked for a Raspberry Poke Cake for his birthday every year since I've known him, so of course, that was what Mandy made. Thank you Mandy!!! (Sam added the Bullseye the Horse decoration!)
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Ben is a great husband- he works so hard for our family. He loves us so much and he loves being a daddy. We love you Ben!
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JBSquared said...

Your husband is older than my husband! (ha ha)

Happy Birthday, Ben!!

J ~ G ~ E ~ A ~ A said...

Happy Birthday Ben! You don't look a day over 30!!!
Hope you had a nice family time at Disneyland. I agree, there's no better way to spend a birthday!

Smith's in Iowa said...

What a fun way to spend your birthday-at Disneyland. The cake sounds good you might have just inspired my next sweet treat!!

**Happy Birthday Ben**

The Jenson's said...

I agree that Ben does not look 40, but it will be fun to tease him!


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