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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fun on the Farm!

After all the fun we had with Farmer Jake's party, we decided it was time to head to the farm for real! We took a trip to DeJong's Dairy in Lake Elsinore last week with our MOMS group. It was perfect!

{Except for that silly mama who wore flip flops and stepped in cow poop! Bummer for her, huh?! Ummm, yes... it was ME!! But let's just move on, k?!} I can't get that picture any bigger, but I'm really okay with that :)
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Sam loved feeding the cows hay.
DSC 0295

And Jake loved freaking out his over-protective mama by walking right up to the cows faces and having a little chat with them.
DSC 0306

At the end of our fun tour, all the kids had a chocolate chip cookie with chocolate milk. It was so good so we bought a gallon of chocolate milk to bring home... mmmm, good stuff!
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DSC 0301


Steve and Melissa said...

How fun!!! I'd love to take Matthew there!!

Gallamore West said...

He would love it!! Don't wear flip flops :)

The Jenson's said...

We'll have to do this next year when Zach will enjoy it! Did someone actually get a picture of you steping in the dung? (or did you pretend to get the picture)

Gallamore West said...

That little picture is me holding the baby wipes I used to clean up... as close to the "moment" as it gets. Fun stuff!!!


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