{looking back} Farmer Jake's cake!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I realized that after hastily throwing all of Jake's birthday pictures into one big slideshow, that you can't really see the pictures too well. {Or is that just me and my bad eyes?!} Anyway, here's his cake... it seriously took forever!! Mandy and I worked on the cake- first in buttercream, then switched to fondant for a smoother look. Hours and hours {and HOURS} of work and it was just the centerpiece... we didn't even eat it! I had Ben cut some cardboard for the base, then I hot glued craft sticks and spray painted it all white. I grabbed some hay out of the bales in the back for the party. And I used the new Cricut {LOVE that thing!} to cut all the little circles for the farm animals. The chick cupcakes were vanilla almond, the pigs were strawberry, and the cows were chocolate. So much fun to make, so fun to listen to everyone enjoy checking it out too!! Now, off to plan Samuel's Buzz Lightyear party. He started making some decorations for his party last night... and his birthday is in November!!

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Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE!


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