gallamore west: Lake Arrowhead Getaway for a Party of Two

Monday, March 16, 2009

Lake Arrowhead Getaway for a Party of Two

Ben and I went on a little getaway to Lake Arrowhead last week. The boys stayed with my parents and had a blast rolling in the dirt at the desert house (not sure if they really did roll in the dirt or not, but the dirty clothes they brought home sure looked like it!) Ben and I took naps two days in a row, slept in, went shopping {I bought 10 wooden crates for 97 cents each and then had no room for all of our stuff in the trunk... totally worth it though}, out to eat, ordered room service, saw a movie, went on a beautiful mountain drive... it was awesome. But on the day we were leaving I couldn't wait to cuddle with our little guys again.
DSC 0051

As we drove back down the mountain, we were above the clouds. It was gorgeous.
DSC 0057

But while we were there I kept saying how much I thought the boys would love it there... so next time we go it will probably be a getaway for a Party of Four :)
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The Jenson's said...

The above the clouds shot is so pretty

JBSquared said...

Isn't that just like a mom? You always feel like you need a break, and then when you get one, you spend the whole time missing your boys. I know the feeling well. :)

Sounds like a great getaway, though!

Smith's in Iowa said...

Your pictures are beautiful!! What a fun trip to get away just the 2 of you. I need to plan one of those before the baby comes.

Kara said...

Hmmm...I'd stick with the party of 2. :)


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